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Corporate Governance can be described as a set of processes, customs, policies and institutions which directly affect the way in which a company is directed, administered and controlled. The main objective of the notion of corporate governance is to conduct business activities efficiently, objectively and most importantly with accountability and integrity. It is a concept that has evolved rapidly in recent years and has come to be viewed as an ethical and moral duty in today’s business world.

Our company strives to adhere strictly to the principles of corporate governance not only with respect to internal company dealings but also and more importantly in our relationship with our clients. We believe that good corporate governance is an essential ingredient to nurturing healthy relationships in the business world and have therefore set out a list of aims and strategic goals in order to satisfy the expectations of everyone connected with our company in any way.

The board of directors at Nobel Trust Ltd endeavors to create a healthy work environment for the staff which will ensure the provision of a high standard of service to our clients. Our board of directors is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior and transparent disclosure. Furthermore, we aim to administer our company in an organized and diligent manner on a daily basis ensuring that high standards of care are adhered to on the day-to-day operations of our company.

At Nobel Trust Ltd we promise that:

  • Our board of directors and staff will conduct business in an efficient and trustworthy manner aimed at providing our clients with the best service possible.
  • All dealings, both internal and external, of personal or monetary nature, will be conducted with full transparency and accountability.
  • Integrity and honesty are values that are held at high esteem within our company and all business is conducted with these values in mind.
  • Our board of directors and staff will at all times be professional, adequately trained, knowledgeable and available in order to meet our clientele’s needs.
  • Our board of directors will have the best interests of the company and its clients at heart at all times and will work diligently towards enhancing them.
  • Our board of directors shall devote sufficient time and energy in order to achieve the strategic goals of our clients and will always act with due care and responsibility as well as good faith.