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Companies incorporated outside Cyprus (Overseas Companies) may register a branch in Cyprus under section 347 of the Companies Law.  This does not amount to the creation of a new legal entity in Cyprus; the entity incorporated abroad simply has a branch in Cyprus and may operate through it for its international activities.
Overseas Companies may establish a branch in Cyprus by filing with the Registrar the following documents translated into Greek:

  • a certified copy of the overseas corporation’s charter, statutes or
    memorandum and articles of association or other instrument containing or defining its constitution;
  • particulars of any directors and secretary of the corporation;
  • the names and addresses of one or more persons resident in Cyprus authorized to accept on behalf of the corporation any notice  required to be served on it.

Any changes to the above particulars should be notified to the Registrar of Companies.  
The overseas corporation’s charter should be certified by:

  • a public notary or governmental official in whose custody the original is committed, or
  • an officer of the company before a person having authority to administer an oath.

The certificates of the above persons should be authenticated by a diplomatic or consular representative of the Republic of Cyprus.

Upon registration of the branch, its management should be provided with a full set of documents, properly legalised and translated into English or any other language. Such documents normally comprise of:

  • the certificate of registration
  • the charter of the overseas corporation or other instrument defining its constitution
  • a list of directors and name of the person authorized to accept notices letterheads, invoices and other branch stationery
  • any other information and documentation pertaining to the branch’ s activities up to the date of its establishment.

A branch is required to file annual accounts