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Austria (File Size 969,53Kb)  
Belarus (File Size 910,78Kb)  
Belgium (File Size 1026,87Kb)  
Bulgaria (File Size 2395,56Kb)  
Canada( File Size 2516,26Kb)  
Czech Republic (File Size 1520,69Kb)  
China (File Size 1250,45Kb)  
Denmark (File Size 2018,28Kb)  
Egypt (File Size 1156,98Kb)  
France (File Size 11576,95Kb)  
Germany (File Size 1942,71Kb)  
Hungary (File Size 2788,63Kb)  
India (File Size 1291Kb)  
Ireland (File Size 1528,88Kb)  
Italy(File Size 1918,51Kb)  
Kuwait (File Size 7953,76Kb)  
Lebanon (File Size 1734,94Kb)  
Malta (File Size 1203,91Kb)  
Mauritius (File Size 1093,36Kb)  
Norway (File Size 1236,49Kb)  
Poland (File Size 1201Kb)  
Romania (File Size 1837,41Kb)  
Russia (File Size 23267,85Kb)  
Seychelles (File Size 428,41Kb)  
Slovakia (File Size 1520,69Kb)  
South Africa (File Size 999,35Kb)  
Sweden (File Size 1607,04Kb)  
Syria (File Size 1005,09Kb)  
Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (File Size 4858,02Kb)  
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (File Size 8127,95Kb)  
United States of America (File Size 8127,95Kb)  
Yugoslavia (File Size 1567,78Kb)  
Greece (File Size 1875,75Kb)