Contributed by:

Lucy Stepiceva

Contributed by:

Lucy Stepiceva

A Cyprus company that has been struck off from the registry maintained by the Registrar of Companies for non-compliance with its statutory obligations as provided for in the Cyprus Companies Law, may currently be reinstated without the need to obtain a court order and be considered to have been in existence as if it had not been deleted from the registry.

A possibility for administrative reinstatement is provided to a company that has been deleted from the companies register due to non-compliance with the Companies Law for the following reasons:

  • Failure to register with the Registrar of Companies any document required by law (e.g. Annual Reports)
  • Failure to pay the annual fee
  • If the Registrar of Companies had reasonable cause to believe that the company did not carry out operations or did not operate.

A director or member of the company may submit an application for administrative reinstatement (form HE64) to the Registrar of Companies within twenty-four (24) months from the date of its deletion. The application form must be accompanied by:

  • All forms, reports, financial statements and documents that were due before the date of its deletion
  • All fees, charges and/or omission fines due that had arisen and/or were imposed before the date of deletion
  • Written consent of the competent representative of the Republic for the reinstatement of the company, in the event that its property and/or rights have been handled by the Republic
  • The fee of twenty euros (€ 20) and an additional fee of twenty euros (€ 20) in case there is a need to expedite the procedure.

Provided that the Registrar of Companies is satisfied that the above conditions have been met, it will reinstate the company and the decision will be published in the official Cyprus government gazette.

A certificate of reinstatement will be issued and the date of issue of the certificate of reinstatement by the Registrar of Companies is considered as the date of the company’s reinstatement in the register.

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