Photo of Marianna Orphanidou at Nobel Trust

Organized . Motivated


senior consultant

Marianna joined Nobel Trust in 2019 as a compliance consultant and deals with compliance and corporate administration matters.

Marianna obtained a First Class LLB from the University of Nicosia in 2017, completed the Cyprus Bar in 2018 and prior to joining the firm she was a trainee at the Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus.

Marianna is a down to earth, rational individual with many dreams and ambitions. She is a fast learner and a hard worker. Her excellent organisational skills, team spirit, motivation and ethics are the major elements that help Marianna attain both the firm’s and her personal objectives.

Working for Nobel Trust...

Nobel Trust Limited has an excellent working environment, providing constant knowledge and on-the-job experience, which helps people evolve in the business environment. The firm maintains high quality levels, which obviously derive from its professional and talented teams.

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