managing director

Nayia is one of the partners of Nobel Trust and is serving as the managing director of the firm. She has more than 15 years of experience in professional services focusing on taxation and business consulting. She is extensively involved with marketing and business development constantly seeking new markets/services in which to expand the business. Nayia is an “all-rounder”, results-orientated professional with high business acumen and dedication to client service. Before joining Nobel Trust she worked in London and Cyprus with a Big4 accountancy firm and an international corporate services firm.

Nayia holds a BSc in Accountancy with Law from the University of East Anglia, UK and is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. She is also a member of the ICPAC and STEP and holds a Diploma in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors in the UK.

Nayia is an open-minded person, ready to listen to and embrace new ideas and opinions. Whenever she has something in her mind, she will go all the way to get it done irrespective of constraints. She works hard but also plays hard and her energy and enthusiasm is a driving force to those around her. Despite her ambition and determination to achieve her goals, she does not fail to be sensitive and empathetic in her relationships with people.

Nayia Morphi
Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.
Energetic Ambitious
An experience to share...

Participating in a 14-hour hiking adventure to reach “Drakolimni” (“Dragon Lake”), an alpine lake at an altitude of 2050 meters on the mountains of Epirus, Greece. During the hiking she felt at several instances that she had reached her limits and that she could not go on, but the challenge of reaching the destination kept her going even at times when her physical powers were abandoning her. Limits do not really matter when there is a will to achieve what appears to be the impossible!

Working for Nobel Trust…

It’s a family-like environment which promotes freedom of expression and creativity. It’s a company which encourages you to “be yourself” and capitalises on the talents of each individual member of the team. It’s a place full of positive energy which drives you to achieve more and excel in what you do.