Photo of Nicole Georgiou at Nobel Trust

Adventurous . Curious minded .



team coordinator

Nicole joined the firm in 2022 and is currently working as a Team Coordinator. Her responsibilities span across the facilitation of daily operations and assisting the team in areas including audit, TAX/VAT and compliance. She is also actively involved with corporate administration and marketing initiatives.

Prior to joining the firm she gained experience in focus areas including operations and relationship management.

Nicole obtained a First Class LLB from the University of Essex in 2016 and completed the Cyprus Bar in 2017. She has also pursued an MBA at the Cyprus International Institute of Management and looks forward to following further education.

Nicole is a positive-minded and curious individual, always eager to learn and challenge herself. Her team spirit, self-motivation and discipline are key traits enabling her to efficiently multitask.

Working for Nobel Trust...

It is a joyful and creative work environment which encourages you to be yourself. It feels great to work with dedicated and ambitious individuals that share the same values and constantly support each other.

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