Paul Koronis, Nobel Hellas S.A. / Nobel Trust Ltd

Reliable . Attentive . Adaptable


business development manager

Paul joined Nobel Trust in 2023 and is currently the business development manager in Cyprus and Greece. He has more than 15 years of experience in business and social entrepreneurship, across B2B and B2C companies. Paul graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences (Psychology and Anthropology) and an MA in Management (Marketing and International management) from the Durham University Business School.

Before joining the firm, Paul worked in leadership roles in a leading software company, a business consultancy service provider and a local bank. He has specialised in tender procurement processes, retail/corporate/wealth management credit and compliance, strategic communications and customer relations.

Paul is an inventive and multidisciplined person, organising and participating in multiple social and corporate projects, including New European Bauhaus 2022 public vote prize winning project Gardens of the Future. With a hands-on approach, he enjoys blurring the lines between strategy and creativity across marketing, operations, finance and organisational behaviour.


Working for Nobel Trust...

Since being introduced to the company some years ago it is evident that the Nobel Trust team members adhere to shared values, create synergies and pursue excellence.

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