Photo of Stalo Papamichael at Nobel Trust

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Stalo joined Nobel Trust in 2011 and is currently a manager at the accounting department. She is involved with the financial affairs of a group of clients and specialises on VAT matters. Prior to joining Nobel Trust, Stalo had worked as an accountant at a corporate administration company for 6 years. She holds the LCCI Level 3 certificate in accounting and has undergone extensive training on VAT and customer relationship management.

Stalo believes in hard work and sincerity, which should be backed by a good character and discipline. These are the necessary ingredients needed to achieve one’s personal goals. Planning is a major part of Stalo’s life and when things do not take the direction she planned, she gets stressed. Nevertheless, she never allows stress or any other barrier to get in her way when having to complete a demanding task with success.

Working for Nobel Trust...

I was attracted to Nobel Trust by its reputation. The company maintains a balanced approach towards growth, making it an attractive place for building a career. The firm continuously pursues excellence while at the same time maintains a healthy and positive working environment.

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