A plan that’s right for you: Focusing on your individual circumstances.

Navigating the ever complicated and regulated global environment through financial structuring and planning to facilitate individuals conduct business and enjoy their wealth. We are dedicated to planning for achieving financial objectives and providing a tailored approach that focuses on our clients’ needs.

Nobel Trust’s dedicated multidisciplinary team assists
high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) build, preserve, and grow wealth through effective and efficient resource management.
Our Private Clients’ business activities, personal circumstances, interests, and needs are considered when creating transparent and prosperous financial plans which provide several tax benefits, always in compliance with local laws and regulatory requirements.

Today’s global and ever-evolving landscape of compliance and reporting obligations can be time consuming, costly, and could even expose businesses.


Nobel Trust’s team of experienced and qualified professionals with multi-disciplinary expertise, ensure that your organisation not only meets its compliance requirements, but will work with you proactively to prepare for future changes before they arise. By utilising industry best practises, we leverage business opportunities while ensuring that companies remain compliant to local legislation and international standards.

Private individuals can benefit from our full range of services, including:

• Private relocation
• Tax planning and compliance
• Trust set up and management / Private Trustee Company

• Banking
• Succession planning
• Wealth management

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