registration of ultimate beneficial owners Cyprus companies

Registration of beneficial owners data to avoid imposition of fines

The Department of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property, following its announcement on the Functioning of the Register of Beneficial Owners in the interim solution, and in view of the imminent implementation of the final solution of the electronic system of the Register of Beneficial Owners, which is expected around the end of October 2023, invites all companies incorporated or registered under the Companies Law, Chapter 113, the European public limited liability companies (SE) and Cooperatives as well as their officers/partners, if they have not already done so, to register the details of their beneficial owners in the Register of Beneficial Owners of Companies and other legal entities maintained by the Department, in order to avoid the imposition of a monetary burden and/or the initiation of criminal proceedings due to non-compliance. The deadline is on 30th of September 2023.

In addition, following the start of the final solution, a period of one month will be granted for confirmation and completion of the information that has been registered in the system of the interim solution and will have been transferred to the final system by all entities. During this period, requests for information release exemptions should be filed along with reasons for exercising due diligence.

It is pointed out that, at the end of the one-month period, the automatic imposition of fines through the final solution of the electronic system of the Register of Beneficial Owners for the non-compliant companies will begin.

It is reminded that, regardless of the criminal responsibility or prosecution of any person, in case of non-compliance the company or other legal entity and each of its officials are subject to a fine of two hundred euros (€200) and a further fine of one hundred euros (€100) for each day of continued infringement with a maximum total charge of twenty thousand euros (€20,000).

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